Your Team
Because Life Holds Infinite Possibilities

Go Change is founded by Drew Coster MSc but he also collaborate with many change experts when he feels it necessary to help you reach your goal. Drew has been a therapist/coach for the best part of 14 years and he has ties with many other health professionals, who are also passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

Be assured that when you work with us, you not only work one-on-one with your coach, but you’ll also have the backing of others experts from doctors, dietitians, and fitness experts.

At different times along your adventure different experts might jump in to help you because we believe that not one person can be an expert in all things and there is always strength in numbers.


Drew Coster MSc(Change Facilitator)

Drew is a therapist, health coach, facilitator and trainer. As a British trained and accredited psychotherapist, he's worked in the wellness sector for more than 18 years helping people reach their personal goals. He also teaches yoga and loves cuddling his cat.