How it Works
Because Life Holds Infinite Possibilities

In today’s world it helps to be more flexible. We like to work virtually, but virtually doesn’t mean impersonally.

We work with a mix of video chat (FaceTime or Google Hangouts) and daily texts and emails.

Basically, we are in contact with you every day (mon-fri) and unlike traditional therapy/coaching, we are able to interact with you when you need it most.

One of the problems with traditional therapy/coaching is that you’d usually visit once a week for one hour. In that time you’d talk about whatever is going on for you, which is great, but what about those times during the week when you want support, clarity or advice on something that is important to you there and then?

Our solution is that you can text or email us anytime during the day and we’ll respond with our thoughts or some action we would like you to take. Our way maybe a little more didactic, but reaching your goals is important to us, and sometimes it helps for us to give you more guidance rather than sitting back and being passive.

At times we may send you links to videos or blogs to read, we may ask for more clarity or for you to reflect on your situation, but whatever it is, we can work on that issue on that day and not a week later.

Working virtually isn’t for everyone, but we find that people are often more forthcoming, more open, when they write down what it is they are experiencing. Our text and email option allows for a stream of consciousness, and it also gives us time to think about our response to you.

Having a face-to-face experience is still helpful in therapy/coaching and that’s why we still have a 30 min video chat once a every other week (sometimes every week if necessary). In that 30 minutes we are able to focus on what is important to you because we already have a lot of information of what’s been happening up to that point. We don’t need to spend time recapping or searching for things to cover, we are more able to spend out time working on specific issues and guiding you.

This might be a new way of working for you, but if you have tried therapy/coaching in a traditional way and you still don’t feel you are getting the support you need, why not try something new and work with us?

Contact us anytime through our web form or email