Make the Change
Because Life Holds Infinite Possibilities

Change can be incredibly difficult for many, whether it’s losing weight, overcoming anxiety, or gaining general confidence. Yet change happens everyday for people, so why not you?

People often ask me ‘what’s the main factor that stops people from achieving their goals?’ And my reply is always the same, lack of effective support.

Let me explain.

There are several factors that go into changing an aspect of ourselves and reaching a set goal, but for me, the driving force behind carrying out a change plan is having confidence in knowing that one isn’t alone in this endeavor. Having an idea of what one want’s is one thing but it can be a hard, lonely road when we travel alone and doubt and fear are change killers, especially when things don’t go to plan?

Having a support system in place, for most of us, is essential. Knowing that there is somebody there that will walk with us on our path to change. It can be foolish to set out on an expedition without support. And when we are talking about changing aspects of ourselves that we’ve cultivated and lived with for a long time, well it’s hard to overcome habit. Having that support means there is somebody who understands our goal and what we are trying to achieve. There is somebody there who will keep you accountable towards but won’t tear you down if things don’t go smoothly. My belief is that as part of a team, you can achieve anything that you put work into.

As a change facilitator my role is as your guide, cheerleader, personal trainer and supportive friend. We work together to help you achieve your goal and I’m with you (virtually) every day. Our relationship is based on effort and communication. Your success is our focus, and when there are setbacks, as there inevitably are, we can take time to reevaluate, come up with a different strategy and then put that new plan into action, one step at a time.

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